KARA-007 Mobile Skin Printer and Cutter
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1. Model KARA-007 Max Force 1000g.

2.  Connection WIFI/USB Power <100w.

3.  LCD Touch Screen Yes Cutting Speed 500mm/s.

4.  Max Media Width 140 mm Max Cuttting Width 135 mm.

5.  Mobile skin and screen protector cutting machine.

Product Description

1. Comes with a large touch screen that is easy to use and command without any trouble of any analog button s ystem.

2. Provided an assembling tray that helps you to assemble one sheet upon another in a proper systematic manner.

3. Gives a back-up of 1800G of cutting force which can cut various materials like vinyl, cardstock and EVC form etc.

4. Multi-functioning like Multi-language, multi-colour LED( for better night vision for working at night without any difficulty).

Cutting Blades

We provide various angle of blades based on various type of cutter from small to large, basically we provide the blades range in 30° , 45° , 60°

Creasing tools

For especially V series which works with Dual head function needs creasing tools for separate functioning and working purposes.

Multi-function cables

All products of skycut come with cables like USB cables, Power cables and adopters on individual products and power capacity of cutters.

Drawing pen kit with Mat

Skycut provides drawing pen kit and cutting mat for better gripping and cutting purpose, D series comes with 2 drawing pen and cutting mate.

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