Skycut D24 Double Head Cutting Plotter
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1. 2000G massive cutting force for cutting hard materials like HTC, EVC etc.

2. Repeat-after-repeat function for ongoing commands without giving again.

3.  Classic colour match of glossy red and black colour.

4. Adjustable pinch feed for adjusting and providing grip to material

5.  Multi-interface which cover USB, hard drive, WIFI etc.

Product Description

1.  Strong metal body handling for long durability or stability and nice metal shining industrial design.

2. 2000G massive cutting force for cutting any type of small to medium-large material without any glitches and interruptions.

3. Highly reflective material cutting which provides us the function of transparent cutting, or cutting with marks on the material.

4. Adjustable pinch wheel head for providing grip for cutting materials of different or hard to grip materials like EVC foams etc.

Cutting tools

All products comes with capsules type cutting tubes which provides you various function like stability, accuracy and speed for smooth lining up and cutting.

Cutting Blades

We provide various angle of blades based on various type of cutter from small to large, basically we provide the blades range in 30° , 45° , 60°

Drawing pen kit with Mat

Skycut provides drawing pen kit and cutting mat for better gripping and cutting purpose, D series comes with 2 drawing pen and cutting mate.

Creasing tools

For especially D series which works with Dual head function needs creasing tools for separate functioning and working purposes.

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