Skycut CA310 Phone Flim Cutter
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1.  Compress able bars for pulling and fixing the flims.

2.  Only plotter in all series that support mobile commands.

3.  Auto contour camera for accuracy and speed while cutting and printing.

4.  Smart operating system without any other formalities.

5.  3M Diamond reflective cutting for hard materials.

Product Description

1. A first android operating system that gives you the alternative of connecting it with a computer or with your mobile for giving or forwarding commands.

2. Homo-type cutting plotter which can be used for both personal craftsmanship and professional craftsmanship.

3. Multi-LED lighting for enhancing work performance and night vision during evening shift or work.

4. It can cut materials ranging from 20mm (0.8") to 260mm (10"), up to 24" which can cut glass guards, back cover and semi-hard materials.

Product Uses
Camera for auto contour cutting

Skycut patent feature-build in real camera for auto print&cut. High-accuracy, fast speed, and capable for any color materials and marks.

Large touch screen menu

High sensitivity Simple use, straight forward operation With multi-languages Powerful function like : freely set to cut many lines.

Huge Force: MAX 800G

Can cut 3M diamond reflective flim


USB cable(real USB, no need to install driver) U disk (support both normal cutting and contour cutting) Wifi(optional).

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