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Terms of use
In the term of use following are the terms and conditions which say that after accepting these you will be bounded by the regulation and governing act. In which any violation on this site by you will give all rights to the company to terminate you or take necessary actions towards you, in adding with that company has full right to change any terms and conditions with the immediate effect on-site due to changes. This site may release various content about its products which find suitable by staff or handling manager, due to this if you have any query and any question related to anything about the site you may reach us through e-mail on Info@skycut.in.

Link and Search outcome

The company hereby announce that it will not be responsible for any damage or loss of data that happened during using any link of another site on its site or searching anything, you are using this site on your own by agreeing with terms and conditions.

Unauthorized access and interference
Hereby you agree with terms and conditions that if company founds any unauthorized access and interference by your side through any illegal hacking tools such as Trojan, Virus etc. Company has full rights to take strict actions on behalf of you, which may include fines, prison and other action suits by law.

Laws related to payment
Skycut has full rights to cancel your ownership and cancel the shipment of the product you buy and refuse or not able to pay the whole amount of that product.

Copyrights of SkyCut are mainly own or used by Skycut solely only without any interference of any other third parties. Skycut has the right to change the interface of site or products related to this site without any permission from any third party, adding to it Company provides you right to copy some sort of information which include images or graphics on this site with a particular notice to not share the information or use the information to redistribute or resell the products of Skycut without any permission or legal notice from skycut.

Trade-Mark rights
Skycut has been registered with trademarks of everything provided by it on site which includes:-

  1. Name of Skycut.
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  3. Products of Skycut.
  4. And other trademark rights of the various product of their owner.

Limitation of liabilities
Skycut HEREBY IS NOT LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT AND NON DIRECT LOSS OF YOUR DATA OR ANY DAMAGE THROUGH INDIRECT WAYS VIA CLICKING ON ANY UNRECOGNIZED LINK OR ANY OTHER THINGS. Skycut IS ONLY LIABLE TO YOUR NUMBER, E-MAIL, AND PASSWORD YOU SHARE WITH THE COMPANY. BUT COMPANY ASSURE YOU TO MAKE CHANGES IN CONTENT TIME TO TIME FOR IMPROVEMENT. And company do not claim any accuracy of data or content on every point. It is your responsibility to check the site from time to time and if you have any query or feedback then you can contact us through the email provided by us.

If you have any query or doubt while agreeing or involving in the site and if you still involve then, you agree that the disputes will be governed by the law of Indian government without any conflict of law and provision.