A3 Max 2
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1. Highly reflective material variation which provides various colour materials and marks.

2.  Multi-coloured LED Support which helps in working at night shift.

3.  Automatic paper feeding intelligence up to 170pcs at a time.

4.  2000G Material-cutting force which can materials easily.

5.  1300-1800 Sheet cutting capacity.

Product Description

1. Comes with a large touch screen that is easy to use and command without any trouble of any analog button system.

2. Provided an assembling tray that helps you to assemble one sheet upon another in a proper systematic manner.

3. Gives a back-up of 2000G of cutting force which can cut various materials like vinyl, cardstock and EVC form etc.

4. Multi-functioning like Multi-language, multi-colour LED( for better night vision for working at night without any difficulty).

Product Uses
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